F.A.E Links


As always on these kinds of sites, here is my collection of good links that have inspired me and from which I have got many ideas.

To make things a bit more funny and easier to navigate, I have made each link with a little snapshot of the linked page.

I am nowhere near to a complete list here. More links to come as I get time to add them

5 Bears

This is a great site for anybody interesting in hobby machine building. Good techniques, nice finish and impressive projects.

Bedair Machine Works - Hobbing Aluminium Worm Gears

On Steve;s site there is good info on hobbing worm gears together with nice pics. Furthermore there is a great ATM section with smart use of available electronics. Great finish of projects.

Jim Sapp - Making Worm Gears on the Lathe

Tons of useful tips and theories for the practical hobby machinist. Great value.

Gary Wolanski Telescope Poject Page

After seeing Gary;s 16” lightweight scope I had settled on a basic layout of the scope that I wanted. This is basically what started it all. Gary is a very skilled telescope builder and his site is very inspiring and packed with smart ideas.

Brian Lula´s Heaven´s Glory Observatoryies

The work Brian has put into his projects is truly amazing. The results is even more astonishing. Every detail is a masterpiece in itself. The complete systems is probably comparable to professional equipment. Great info in many fields of astrophotography and telescope making.

Anders Hemlins Astro Images

Anders is a skilled astro imager in sweden and also a experimental builder of astronomical telescopes. He is the client of the servorised spider, see the project page