Mill Electronics



As I had never built any high power electronics stuff before in my life I decided not to design it all myself but rather go on confirmed designs that I found on other peoples machines. After all the purpose of the machine is to make function very well and be a tool that I can use and rely on, so I put my energy on the “cool stuff” that will be made in the mill.


VFD for the mill spindle. Omron Mini J7 running at 1,5kW

Power supply for the stepper drivers with soft start and safety power dump resistors. Currently about 50V DC and 300W, but will be some 70V DC and 500W when the right trafo is in place

Rittal steel enclosure to protect against cutting fluid and electronic interference

Standard Dell 17” monitor that will be disassembled and retrofitted in a the new mill control

Standard Dell Computer to run MACH3 controlling software

Three Gecko G201X for the steppers. This gives me more power and speed compared to the older drivers of the mill . Behind the drivers is an aluminium cooling block with two fans to keep the drivers happy

A C11G breakout board from CNC4PC to interface the computer to the steppers, spindle, limit-switches, E-stop and solenoids for the cooling

The E-stop that goes both directly to the relay of power-dump of the power-supply, and to the breakout board to notify the computer.

24V power supply for relays and logic