Renovating the TRIAC



I bought a CNC-mill a couple of years ago and I have done some pretty good parts on it, several visible here on the site. I was very happy with the mill but from the beginning it was clear that it had its drawbacks.

The controlling electronics had its limits, and with modern computers and MACH3 available to the hobby machinist it was more a question of when I made the upgrade.

So I started to plan, at first I wanted to integrate the old stepperdrivers and just make a new breakoutboard. But soon I decided build the whole system from new parts.

Another issue of the mill was that the spindle only reached around 2200 rpm although spec to 2500. What happened was that at around 2250 rpm the system would emergency shut down with “spindle error”. I did not seam to find the cause of the symptom and as I also wanted to run even higher rpm and found that the spindle design limited the performance of the spindle, I decided to completely rebuild and retrofit a new spindle to the mill.

Spindleprojects are not trivial and there is many inspiring projects, both successful and not so successful out there, I will add some to my link page. My spindle project has got its own page here on my site with all the details of that.

Now, that the project had grown from just a computer retrofit to a more all-around renovation I decided to add even more stuff that is useful for a cnc mill.

Cooling, the mill will have flood cooling and air cooling. This will route through the spindle head. Details in on the spindle project pages.

There will also be a better light installed in the spindle head.

The whole mill will get a new home inside a closed cabin where the cooling fluid and chips will be contained and separated. I still have a lot of design on the cabin left but the main guidelines and “how to” are decided.

I will also do a new monitor and keyboard unit to handle the mill together with a handheld pendant.