TRIAC Mill Spindle Project



The decision of not going with flood cooling has greatly helped me to get forward with the spindle. Now I plan to have air going through the spindle head and eject close to the tool. The mist will come from two nozzles mounted on the outside of the head on adjustable magnetic foots.

The air and the coolant will however come through the column of the mill and over to the spindle head via and cable duct.

There will be two magnetic valves to control either air or coolant via the control software.

I also figured out a way to provide oil to the bearings of the spindle. The machine has a central lubrication system from which I can attach a hose that goes up the the spindle and slowly drip oil into the top of the spindle. This oil will then work its way down inside the spindle and go through the bottom pair of bearings and then finally drip out onto the milling table. That can actually be a quite good solution. And easy to implement also. I think its a better solution than my experimental idea with air that goes thorough the spindle. Using oil the bearings will become less warm, and if I get problemes with temperature then I will still be able to implement the air as cooling solution.

More speed, more power, more movement, more coolant, more light..