The Scope


The Scope was originally in basics a 8”/f6 construction that would be fitted with motor drives and a control system that was operational with a computer via software made by BB Astro Design.

However the years have past since I started the project and I have made some modifications the the project goals.

As I now have slightly bigger mirrors from Oldham Optics I had to redesign the scope to a set of 8.75”/f6.08. This meant a slightly longer focal length and a slightly bigger aperture (about 19,6% more mirror area..), which in turn meant some modifications to the length of the trusses and the opening in the mirror box.

I also changed the scope of the electronics to now being able to work as a stand alone unit with an IR remote. When the scope is plugged into a computer the system will automatically switch to computer controlled. This has made me do my own circuitry and the microprocessor programs to control the scopes motion.

Lately I have also added features with motorised focuser with field derotator, a motorised primary mirror cell and temperature monitoring system together with fan regulation.

I have been working on this scope for several years and almost all parts have been modified or redesigned or remanufactured several times.

Now the scope is black, or at least most of the aluminium parts have been anodised. The mechanics is as good as done. Only the hard part left, the electronics and software.. But at least it´s starting to move so I am hopeful.