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This site has two purposes, first to show others what I am doing, and second to help me get my stuff organised. In addition to that, I hope to inspire other like I have been inspired myself of other incredible sites and projects that is going on out there (see the links page).

In the blog I try to keep updates on that is on the drawing board or setup in the machines at the moment, while under my project pages I do a more full description of the builds.

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Welcome to my site

Amateur telescope making, mechanical engineering and other things that makes me tick

Projects - completed or ongoing

Again a long time before update. But stuff do happen, and I am not only a father I own a house. And in this house I am finally able to have my own workshop. The mill is running like new and a cnc-lathe has also entered the shop. Great days, but not much time to update the homepage. But keep an eye out, there is cool stuff in the “pipe”..

More stuff has happened..